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EVOLVE VIDEO® produces video stories and digital content to support our clients’ corporate communications and marketing. Sharing the corporate message and the story of your business with a video enlightens your brand, increases the affectivity, and strengthens customer relations.

The Finnish network of professionals at EVOLVE VIDEO® are cost-efficiently at your service whether you need a corporate video or a feature story; a profile story, or videos for exposition and marketing purposes.

The content will be valuable and the audience left with a good feeling. Feeling that convinces the viewer your business is top-level.

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It is possible to order an entire production from the script to a completely edited story as a full production. And another option includes a part-production, such as filming only.

It is easy and inexpensive to share your message in digital form. Upon request, we will share the final product directly through your channels.

EVOLVE Video & Digital Content was previously known as Vitamine Comp. Oy until 2016.

What we do

EVOLVE VIDEO® is a production company specializing in top-rate video productions. Our main focus is to create valuable content and a positive impact on the viewer. We have experience since 1996.

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EVOLVE VIDEO® prepares each video story to leave a positive impression on the viewer. EVOLVE VIDEO® will handle the entire production process from a script to an edited story. It is also possible to order strictly a filming. Our staff and network has years of solid experience in both TV and audio-visual productions.

EVOLVE VIDEO® has responded to the communications needs of the world’s leading giants in the metal industry. We have also covered stories in global trouble spots in collaboration with third world operators. And everything in between.

What would your company need a video story for?

EVOLVE VIDEO® operates globally. We have produced material on five continents, from dozens of countries.

We also shoot flying video with our own equipment. Our drone produces a 5K-quality aerial film.

A fabulous aerial film spices up the visual narrative.

Our clients

EVOLVE VIDEO® operates globally. We have produced material on five continents, from dozens of countries.

Our staff

Get to know us

Joonas Lehtipuu - Scriptwriter, Director, Cameraman

I have years of experience in TV and audio-visual production. I started my career in 1996 as a reporter at current news affairs programs at the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yleisradio). After reporting and directing hundreds of stories I became an entrepreneur and started my own AV productions in 2002.
My passion is to tell meaningful stories with impressive footage. From day one, I have worked globally. I have produced material on five continents, in dozens of countries.

My objective is to produce fabulous and distinctive video stories, with proper content and with visually appealing results. Multiple skills are handy, especially when a production requires demanding journalistic process or long-term documentary monitoring.

I want to serve my customers by helping build their brand and highlight their content. I promise to create additional value for my customers, increasing their impressiveness. And produce stories that will endure time. As an experienced professional, I can produce fully completed products ready to share. In a customer viewpoint, the work process will be flexible and independent.

Most of the stories are filmed, directed, edited and produced by me. Often I work with my clients when creating a script. Because of this, your expectations will also match the results. Another benefit of this type of production is the cost efficiency. That is fully integrated to the production process. Yet, the quality is always top-notch.

I have produced videos and digital content for many themes, needs and purposes. My clients include giants of the metal industry, ministries, and many third world aid agencies.

Additionally, I shoot aerial photos with my drone – such impressive general views for many purposes.


Joonas Lehtipuu Evolve Video & Digital Content

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